Draw Inspections

Mainka Home Inspections delivers construction draw inspection services
to construction lenders of all sizes. We can use standard budgets
provided by our clients or custom budgets of virtually every type. We
provides an accurate and precise snapshot of each project under

Contractors will request funds from their Lender in order to pay for specific
construction components (e.g. flat work, plumbing, rough carpentry). We
will conduct on-site inspections to confirm that this equivalence is in place
prior to disbursement. Draw inspections are typically conducted on a
monthly basis, but can be performed as requested by the contractor. We
document the information obtained during the inspection in a report that
records the percentage of completion observed for each construction
component and the recommended dollar amount of funding.

Digital photos accompany all of our inspection reports to our clients. Each
and every photo and line item is reviewed to determine the percentage of

Our staff reviews each report to determine not only what is complete, but
also to document what is incomplete before approving the inspection
report release.

Detailed notes accompany any line items that are less than fully complete.
These items are also reviewed on-site with the general contractor to
minimize any disbursement issues between the lender and contractor.
This level of reporting detail assists our clients in responding to any
builder questions or concerns about their construction draw.

Our reports include the following:

  • General description of the project
  • Job site pictures

Phase Inspections

We provide a wide range of Phase Inspections. Each customer has their
own comfort level, with regards to our services. Some want us there daily
at the beginning, while others prefer our standard 3 Step New Home
Construction Phase Inspections. What ever your wishes are, we can
customize a plan to meet your needs.

For the relatively small cost, a professional inspection of your new dream
home can pay big dividends in peace of mind by getting any problems
identified and corrected before they can become an unpleasant surprise.
We'll provide you with an inspection report for each phase of the
inspection. This is a great tool for you. Remember, the local Code
Enforcement Officer is not trained to conduct home inspections, so why
would you not want to protect your investment?

Call use today to discuss your new construction Inspection needs.
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